Re: Re: Is this the prettiest village in Spain?


Begur seems to have survived the boom years better than most former pretty villages. Could this be in part due to the winter weather? Looks like a good place for a holiday, in the summer 🙂 Even South of Spain can be cold and miserable in winter.

Gaucín, the second village is also pretty. We had a “campo” phase and had a house on the fringes of the village. Wasn’t for me, too far from the coast, ok. for a holiday. (the toothless illiterate neighbour was a factor too 😆 ) Like the rest of the “white villages” in Andalucía it has it’s fair share of Brits. File it away with Cómpeta, frigiliana, Mijas etc. nice for a holiday but not to live…unless you like the ex-pat scene.