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@shakeel wrote:

” should never have dragged Spain into the euro in the first place”

Chopera, you have lived in Spain for long enough to know that Spain joined for reason to show that Spain has shed its past i.e. Dictatorship is a modern Country & to fleece funding. The wonderful roads that we drive on is an excample.

The truth is and I am sure that you know it. Who ever had won the election had to dance to the EU tune.

Ideed but the buck stops with the people in charge at the time. The Tories took the blame for the 1992 ERM fiasco even though Labour also supported the ERM, and Brown took the blame for running up a huge deficit even though Cameron said he would match his spending.

And the PP were at the helm when Spain joined the euro. From what I recall (I may be wrong) but Spain was not expected to join the euro in 2002 anyway. People were quite surprised that Aznar’s government hit the criteria so soon.