Re: Re: Is that all it is worth



Definately flosmichael although I wouldn’t be baying for blood like many of the presumably ‘potential buyers’ who are on the road right now.

I would equate each property as to it’s value for money before I ever went house hunting thereby neither wasting peoples’ time or seeking out the desperate to insult with a low offer.

Vendors and estate agents must start getting real. Start pricing correctly, give more info of property and area et al and the latter inquiring more of the ‘actual’ budget of these presumed buyers.

Local ones in Lorca bring out potential buyers of holiday homes to view properties with 20,000 + sq.m of land 3 km up a tricky dirt tracks and 40 mins from the coast which is ridiculous. But they are desparate for income.

Although most of us bought on a rising market we also had the high £ to E equation. 1.45 in my case .So if reduced my property, which is not for sale, by 1/3 then I would still be about evens and the money spent on extras I would have to dismiss as a loss.

Problem is most Brits are comparing like for like what they could buy back in UK ,which in my case, should be double the value.
But that’s not the real world unfortunately.