Re: Re: Is it now time to get the bulldozers out ?



Now that we are in Ireland we’ve noticed quite a few large grey unfinished houses out here in the countryside. BUT, over just the past week or so we’ve seen four having their work start up again. Maybe it’s the few days of sunshine we’ve had here that has gotten people out with the paintbrushes etc. ?

I am so glad we moved to Ireland. Yes it’s sometimes a bit grey but the stress/sunshine in Spain wasn’t good for us. Here we can feel the positive vibe…even living with my Dad at my age with my husband and children is more positive than in Spain for us…. maybe in cities things are a bit down still but we are new to the place so don’t know all the facts? Happy, friendly people, lovely countryside, fresh air….

Where we are the unfinished houses seem to be well built, well designed but a bit (well a lot) over budget. In my opinion they are worth more than a block of tiny, badly built flats with views of another block of flats?

If we could sell our flat in Spain for the mortgage amount we would save up to buy a little house in Ireland in a shot. Fingers crossed for a Euromillions win! The sun isn’t everything for a day to day life……

The EU needs to demand that Spain knock down their excess stock. Quality not quantity….supply and demand as you say Angie.

Our flat was built 40 years ago and stands stronger than 99% of the new builds in the town. In a town of roughly 12,000 there are nearly 2000 properties for sale. That’s way too much. My friend is a bank manager and they have 90 new empty flats to sell. I bet they won’t be giving any mortgages for private sales until they’ve bribed or begged people to take on mortgages for these flats. If they were turned into a garden they’d be 90 less flats for sale in the market and more mortgages available for private sales.

I wonder how many properties for sale are bank owned new builds? ie: usually without kitchens/bathrooms or never have been lived in (ghost towns)?

How many do each bank have on their books? ie: do Santander have say 15000 unsold, empty flats? Banesto have 12000, BBVA have 12000 etc.? Anyone have stats or do the banks not dare let anyone know?? Interesting….