Re: Re: International house price comparison since Lehman collap


Sorry but I don’t follow your logic chopera. 😕

Here is a graph from The Economist magazine on global house prices.

If you click on each country, you can see the huge boom and bust of 2 countries particularly, both Euro countries, Spain and Ireland. Both boomed unrealistically and have experienced the most prolonged and sharpest falls which are ongoing it seems.

Click on other countries including UK and you see a steady rise in values, not the huge price drops. My feeling is this is based on more demand than supply, unlike Spain, although Ireland’s is a conundrum there.

With the UK’s measures in place, Help to Buy, Funding for Lending etc I would be using my Euros to buy what looks safer ie UK property for the next 2-3 years. (a) It’s a rising market with limited supply. (b) A strong Euro means UK property is more attractive as you buy more Stg. (c) Transaction costs don’t kill the deal for buying and selling certainly up to £250k, and even up to £500k.