Re: Re: Interesting website on the Spanish property crash


I should have made it clear earlier that the website in question is best viewed using Microsoft’s internet explorer as the web browser. I have tried using Google’s Chrome to access the website and many of the graphical features don’t work. My apologies to anyone who is using a web browser where alot of the graphical features are missing or look rather strange. With so many web browsers out there like Google’s Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Android, Opera etc. it is difficult to design a sophisticated website with some amazing features that will work with all browsers.

The website works on two different levels. In one instance you can take the website at face value in that it is just simply a rant about the Spanish economy and property market. On the other hand, you can read the website in a different way in that it is really a polemic about Britain’s economy and housing market. The website is really a commentary about Britain and Spain and what gives this away is a section in the website entitled “The uncanny resemblance between Britain and Spain” in which I talk about the similarities between Britain and Spain. Spain is currently going through an economic depression in much that same way Britain went through in its depression of the early 1990’s. Britain and Spain are very different countries but they are very similar in the way their economy works.