Re: Re: Interesting website on the Spanish property crash


‘Nessy’ I take it you’re referring to katy, I’m certain she wouldn’t ‘jump in and sneer etc’ as you say, of course some will be selling in Spain and for each sale there has to be a buyer. Someone loses, someone gains. 🙄

In this case this lady has lost best part of 200k euros by moving to Spain, she has managed to recoup part of her loss with an astute potential buy in the UK and she is happily back with her family so her financial loss is mitigated by emotional gain.

I’ve just helped a friend sell in the UK at a realistic price although he’s made no profit in his 6 years of ownership, in fact a small loss, but I told him to negotiate hard on his next UK purchase which he’s done, effectively the same as having made a profit on his sale.

So the wheels can turn if sellers are prepared to cut their losses, move on, and negotiate hard on next purchase wherever they live 😉