Re: Re: Interesting website on the Spanish property crash


Some good news for someone we know who’s been trying to sell in Spain for over 4 years, a detached modern house in Murcia area. Her husband died a couple of years ago and she was desperate to get back to the UK. Any help for Spain gratefully received no doubt, a rebalancing of their books now in order, as Tesco says ‘every little helps’!

Out of the blue, a Norwegian couple bought the house for 250k euros (less large costs), a loss on original price of over 400k (plus large costs) euros but she’s out and buying in Blighty for £180k (+ minimal costs) a 4 bed Victorian terrace in the South East, also reduced a bit but full of character and good value it seems.

The weird thing though was her Spanish house was smaller than most of her neighbours’ houses, unlike the others her pool was unheated, there were noisy British neighbours too, as if her Guardian Angel stepped in.

We’ve discussed on here before that the Norwegians have the cash to buy in Spain and their currency is strong which suggests exchange rates do play a big part. 🙄