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Hi, this is interesting reading – I’m not sure if I am one of the lucky ones or not, as I completed on my apartment in August of 2006 -I have a mortgage on the apartment, I have the escatura, the Aval and the occupation License – I also have Electric, Water and telephone installed without any problems – the downside – there is hardly any one else here – in all a total of 192 apartments were finished – but only 27 have completed to date.

I have been living here for over 3 years and moved into Santa Maria Green Hills in August – block 8. I urge anyone who is deciding about completion to go for it. – Although its really quiet!

– my problem is its difficult to sell it as people are now reluctant to buy anywhere in Marbella due to all the bad press / politics.

1.- You cannot have an “aval” (BG) Elixir if you have completed already. The developer ALWAYS requires this BG at completion and the purchasing party has to relinquish it before signing.

2.- Are you sure you have a LFO ? I doubt it.

3.- You say you have water and electricity, do you get bills from the official water and electric companies or do you have electricity and water of works (“agua y luz de obra”). It’s something very different.

4.- You say you have a mortgage on the property, is this mortgage from the developers bank, did you take over the developer’s mortgage or did you get your own ?