Re: Re: Interesting documentary on the Spanish property boom


To see translated subtitles in English (and yes this is a bit clunky but not as difficult as it appears):

1. Start the video and then pause it.

2. On the bottom bar, on the right side, there is a small captions control labeled ‘cc’. Click on that.

3. In the box that pops-up, click on “Spanish (transcribed)”

4. Again. on the bottom bar, click on the ‘cc’ caption control (it should be red this time).

5. In the box that pops-up, click on “Translate Captions” beta

6. In the next box that pops-up, click on “Afrikaans” to activate the drop-down menu.

7. Using the scroll bar, scroll down to “English” and click on it.

8. Click “OK” and resume the movie. The captions should show up in English.