Re: Re: Inheritance Tax paid by surviving spouse.



@john Brindley wrote:

2. If so, what should we do that is legal, relatively inexpensive, and effective in mimimising the survivor’s liability?

If you find a legal way, don’t forget to post it here.

As Claire correctly pointed out, putting the property under the name of your children at the time of the purchase, providing you trust them, is the best way. You could always give them the property but reserve yourself the usufruct just to play safe should they divorce or sell the property, which is now legally theirs.

Be very weary of dodgy schemes offered by expats to avoid spanish inheritance tax. Let’s be sensible please, do these foreigners have greater expertise on our own laws than us, native lawyers ? Or are they after your money in yet another scam aimed at fellow countrymen, which incidentally is not even new as someone has already posted.