Re: Re: Info Required re Holiday Rental Licences



You need the Official Journal of the Generalitat of Catalonia DOGC 5755 -15/11/2010.

The interesting thing is that if you apply for a tourist license, you can no longer use the property as your prime or secondary residence. See para 1.1 of the decree “The holders cannot convert the property into their primary or secondary residence.” (google translation) The google translation for para 1.2 means nothing to me but i would like to know what it says.

If you then go to the Articles. Article 6.1 defines what you need to apply, 6.2 says “The validity of the municipal license excludes the use of the property as a residence.”

That pretty much destroys the basis on which most foreigners like the english buy and finance their property purchases.

also 3.3 seems to say that if the community doesn’t agree, you can’t have the license.

Incidentally my ajuntament wants 1017 euros for a single unit, up to 4700 for a block, don’t ask me what a block is.