Re: Re: IMF arrives in Spain


@adiep wrote:

… better to have a discussion with those who have a clue.

here he goes again…
…says the drama queen himself: apocalypse, doomsday, judgement day, day of reckoning 😆 you should have been a movie director…must remember to get the popcorn out later…shame dartboy, with the flexible line of credit post, brought all the build up to a crashing end for you, (that is not a dig a dartboy by the way)…I suppose you have more of a clue than the whole of Spains government,spanish bankers and the rest…as this is where this information is coming from…

I do agree with a lot of what you say, even though you do remind me of Victor Meldrew, but the personal attacks are unnecessary, lets just try to keep to the discussion in hand and leave out the childish digs adiep…it lets your image down….