Re: Re: Illegal Build Fines




No one worth listening to is going to be able to advise you properly based on what you have posted.

You SEEM to think the letters are WRITS. If they are you should engage a decent independant spanish property lawyer NOW!


@flamingo wrote:

We have a house in Chiclana de la Frontera which we now know to be an illegal build. When we bought the house in 2004 it was definitiely in the yellow zone for urbanisation. In this years plans however we are in the white zone, which we beleive is rustic and therefore illegal.

Our query is this.

We have received at our home address in England 2 individually addressed letters from the town council, that seem to be writs and warning us of a fine for being illegally built. We have one month to respond to this letter.

Can any one please let me know the true signficance of this letter, if we are fined and it is paid will this assist in legalising us.

We are being told that it is not us that will be fined but the developer/builder if his name becomes known – is this true?

Many thanks