Re: Re: If I knew then what I know now…….


Dear Chris,

Regarding: If we knew…. – we already learned our lessons in Spain as well and so did many others. All the little crooks you can’t be sucessfull any longer in their country are now in Spain. Unfortunately we met some but they were no agents.

My partner works in Spain – sorry to say – also as an agent – he has been working as a financial adviser and agent for many years in Austria. In Austria you need a special license and training – in Spain nearly everyone works as an agent, if they are entitled to is the question – maybe that’s the problem.

My partner primary distributes an austrian product for the pool, called ‘Aquivator’ who helps using less chemistry, makes the water softer and people have less read eyes and skin irritation and the kids less problem with their ears when they dive.
We are looking for an english speaking sales partner, maybe one in the forum knows someone …

What I’ve been told: there are many who had a business at home and were not successful and belief it is a lot easier to earn money in sunny Spain.
I think, whereever you are you will just be successful when you work hard and decent.

Kind regards from sunny Vienna,
have a lovely weekend,