Re: Re: How the Spanish Regions went Bust



Well Murcia also spent some millions of their €2.3bn debt on a completely new airport at Corvera which cannot be used and will likely never open. It interferes with NATO forward command communications and a pilot training establishment close by.
…..And the runway has now sunk! 🙁 Couldn’t make it up.

It was unnecessary. St Javier is a perfectly useful airport for Murcia about 12 km away and the operators there spent a million improving the runway capabilities very recently and are seeking compensation for that cost should the government close it.
Total shambles for which the PP can conveniently place all blame on the last lot.

It’s likely if Spain gets it’s full bailout of €300bn they will be forced into selling off all state and regional assets by the EU.

Want to buy a useless airport anyone, going cheap?