Re: Re: How the Spanish Regions went Bust



I was going to ignore the rest of this but I feel I need to respond. I know Murcia and Almeria provinces very well. I have been in business in the region some years ago before the boom.
I know Lorca, and it’s expanding industrial areas, Cartagena is perhaps a brighter spot and the tomato town Aguilas, Fortuna and it’s hot springs and the vast waste lands in between, Caravaca de la Cruz and it’s surrounding rice fields of Carrasparra rice.
I did notice on my last visit some months ago that the plastic contamination of the landscape is growing and spreading very quickly.
I’m not knocking Murcia for anything else other than as a prospective place to live and invest capital. You cannot see it in isolation to the more attractive areas of coastal southern Spain or southern Europe generally.
Once you make that wider comparison you will see my point.