Re: Re: How the Spanish Regions went Bust



Sorry Logan, but I tend to disagree somewhat.

Sure there are still a few typically Spanish unkempt towns but on the whole the region, considering it was always classified as the “poor relation” is now, thanks to EU funding, tidier, neater and smarter.

Apart from a few areas north of the region they have not gone in for overbuilding due in part to the fact this is “supposedly” an impoverished farming area. The fact that all the Spanish we know own multiple properties ( city, country and coastal pads are must haves) and drive BMW´s seems to go unnoticed !!
But good husbandry prevails and there are far less poly tunnels and the scrubland does make it look far greener than neighbouring Almeria.

When Murcia received their grant it must have akin to winning the lottery and they did a Viv Nicholson and spent, spent,spent.
Unfortunately although they attempted, are still attempting , to turn areas into the Marbella of Spain the boat has left the dock and they haven´t a hope in hell now.
But the region is looking good.