Re: Re: How low will the Pound go?


Sometimes a throw-away remark, probably written in haste, makes you sit up and smell the coffee, I’m on my second cup of the morning. We’ve both lived in the same ‘banana republic’ for many, many years, and I still do.

For our own, personal reasons, you talk it down, I talk it up. You complain that the UK stock market falls because of Eurozone corruption and incompetence; I applaud the unexpected rising of the pound against the Euro because of it.

I find it weird that both of our lives are affected by matters totally beyond our control. I would benefit from the UK joining the Eurozone to take away the uncertainty over my finances, you don’t want the UK to join in with the heathens across the channel.

It’s unlikely that either of us will find complete peace of mind for many years, if ever.

(The pound is rising again this morning).