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Taking money from one set of responsible people and bailing out irresponsible people will help neither in the long run. As well as being utterly unfair to savers who simply wanted 100% security, debtors will have no one to buy their depreciating assets.

Here you go again putting everyone in the same boat.
What is irresponsible about buying a home????

It sounds like you are bitter, maybe because you never had the money to buy your own home??!! Don’t let it out on everyone who did buy a home, because you have never been in a financial situation where you can afford to buy! Sour grapes is what it is.

Do not worry yourself, there will always be people willing to buy properties, whether it be now or in 5 years time.
If the banks can help people along the way so they don’t have to sell their houses at a loss (or should I say, owing the banks for years to come for something they no longer own) then the people can sell when they want to not because they have to.

Being bitter because you have had to spend your life throwing your money down the loo on rent is not the fault of people who could afford to buy.

And gambling..the only ones who gambled were the banks, with everyones future!

Well, I guess I must be bitter. I least I’m not reduced to begging to be bailed out from my investments. When the property market hits rock bottom I’ll invest and have a laugh at the idiots who make such comments as ‘ rent is dead money’.

>>What is irresponsible about buying a home????