Re: Re: How is Spain going to deal with Negative Equity?


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With an attitude like that I’m not even going to grace you with an answer. 😡

Rich, coming from someone who has just basically said they want to steal my and millions of others pensions so they can be bailed out of negative equity.

The fact is borrowers, those who gamble with other peoples money to speculate on property, are already being bailed out at the expense of savers through low interest rates. If you have a mortgage and are getting a lower interest rate, that is money you are stealing from responsible savers.

If you want a communist solution to negative equity, how about the one the Russians used agianst the Poles? Its cheap.

Seemed to have hit a nerve there peterhun – relax – No I’m not stealing your millions – I don’t have a mortgage in Spain! At least here in Ireland the Government have been honest about the property crash and are doing something to address the issue not trying to cook the books!