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What suprises me is how come 175 British people arrived in a dying village of 547 people in the middle of nowhere.

Ignoring the illegal build side of this (you can assume these people were unaware) many people like rural, there’s villages by me that have very little in the way of services (shops closed and bus routes closing) but people buy and thats because many people don’t want to be in cities and built up areas. Hell, look at Wales đŸ˜€ .

I agree with you.

But why exactly in dying village, 2 hour drive from Valencia, 2 hour drive to the beaches of Gandia-Oliva? There are so many villages between A7 and AP-7 in that area.

Who brainwashed those people? “A Place in the Sun”? Where did “A Place in the Sun” hear about Zarra?