Re: Re: How Britain has destroyed itself


Anti-social behaviour is not exclusive to the UK. Just that we have the daily mail to remind us of “Broken Britain” 🙂 France has some lovely rural areas but the Cities are not without problemas, eg. Grenoble this week. Similar in Spain. Lots of vandalism, stabbings etc. in Málaga (I read the spanish press every day and it is not much different to the Mail except it is not highlighted so much). As an ex-pat these things may not be visible but every area has a sink-hole place. CCTV’s love them, look how many criminals have been caught out.

I do agree about the volume of people everywhere. Impossible to find a seat in most coffee shops and restaurants. We visited Hever Castle on Easter Monday (not a good idea), thousands of people, some with 2 or 3 kids all paying £12 to shuffle around! If we want to eat out on Saturday evening we need to decide by about Tuesday to reserve.