Re: Re: How Britain has destroyed itself


I think you have to ask yourself why there are so many rules and restrictions. It is not a sign of a civilised society. On the contrary. It is an indication of excessive malevolent behaviour and the need to control it. I suppose I notice it so much on returning to UK because I’ve been away so long and lived among a different culture.
The UK has almost the same population as France, with over three times less geographical space. That creates pressures and stress. Anti-social behaviour by the British is well known, hence the understandable need for so many rules. The Spanish have long been on the receiving end of that. A ‘civilised society’ does not need excessive rules. People know instinctively where the boundaries lie.
A few weeks in Britain would not generally be enough to form a strong opinion of the country, on a first visit. However I have had over forty years in another life living in the UK. That well of experience still holds good.