Re: Re: How Britain has destroyed itself


George Macdonald Fraser was expressing eloquently his personal opinion about the cultural changes in Britain. Changes which have altered the social landscape.
My post also described in a very small way the changes I have recently experienced on my 10 week sabbatical which affected me.
My points are only directed towards any British ex-pat considering a return. Beware the country is not the same. Change happens, especially social change. This may be an improvement or a retrograde development depending on your own point of view. The causes that prompted your move still exist and there are new ones waiting.
In my case Britain is not where I wish to see out the rest of my life, that’s just personal, nothing more.
Depending on how long you have been away these changes will be more marked, more visible, perhaps less acceptable to you. Take nothing for granted Britain really is a different country now.
Fraser sees social change as a negative development and describes it as political correctness. A silly meaningless phrase.
Social and cultural development occurs all over the world in every country. Our societies are dynamic, nothing lasts and nothing stays the same.
I am thankful for that. Imagine for a moment the state we would be in if societies remained stagnant.
The world belongs to they who can embrace change and make the most of it.
The old buffers who hark after an imaginary halcyon past have little relevance to anything. The past is just that, past.
This is not their time it belongs to others, younger with a future to make..