Re: Re: How Britain has destroyed itself



It is amazing how parochial we all are in that where we live is great and most other places are somehow not quite as nice.
Some of us are lucky enough to have the wherewithall to choose where we live and others dont.
Middle class areas look down on the areas frequented by the poorer members of society and think how bad it is.
Having been brought up in a poor area I know that there are many things of value there, the comradeship, good neighbours sharing what little they have and offering support to each other.
Im lucky enough to have carved a rewarding career for myself and have enjoyed the priviledge of deciding where I live. But I have never forgotten my upbringing or those who didnt make the break.
Lets accept that there circumstances that dictate where and how we live and dont assume that poor areas contain an underclass that should be avoided.
I have been deeply involved in the community wherever I have lived and tried to use my experiences to make things better. Great Britain is not broken merely bruised in some areas and with the right treatment can be restored to good health.
As with JFK ask not what your country can do for you but what can you do for your country.
Proud of my country, proud of my roots, proud that I have made a difference to others lifes.
Happy to live in Spain and value the benefits of both countries.
Dont forget its Great Britain.