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This is a fascinating question.

I didn’t actually say that €80k is a great deal. I was just pointing out that you can’t build the same quality for that price today, even with land at €0. So what happens when the inventory disappears? They will build again one day, but much cheaper housing. Prices will be lower, but so will quality.

In the short term prices will drop even further in these working class Spanish areas. That €80k flat might end up selling for €35k, which really will be a great deal for the buyer. When they build again, it will cost €30k to build, not €300k, and the quality will match the price.

What if it is not possible to build at €30k? Then no new housing will be built in these working class areas.

I don’t know about the future, I wish I did, I will just make money trading currencies.

What I do know is that they were talking about giant 3D printers spitting out homes way cheaper and way faster than current ways.

A dream. But who knows…

That’s actually one of the coolest ideas I have heard in a long time. There are some companies that at the moment build entire houses in factories and then ship them but I’m not sure how much mony they are saving on it. A friend with a 3D printer has been trying lots of cool stuff out. One of them being parts for his hunting riffles. Worked really well but ofcourse he didn’t try making a barrel since it would fail misserably and I even think it would have been to big for his printer anyway. 😀