Re: Re: House Sales Up 28.73% in Spain for Q1



This article carries the most amateurish and misleading headline yet so don’t be fooled by it 😡

It suggests ‘house sales in Spain are up 28.73% for Q1’ when they are not. It then goes on to say misleadingly they were actually ‘up 28.73% in Q4 2012’ so which is it? Well neither really, dig deeper and the rise is only up that much COMPARED to the numbers sold in Q4 2012 and only because of the ending of the 4% tax on new properties which has now risen to 10% so people tried to beat the rise.

In fact the true figure for Q1 2013 shows home sales were down 21.5% compared to the same quarter for 2012.

Further it is an estate agent written article for Mercers, well actually by Sarah Drane who we once met, she started her own PR and Marketing Company and one of her clients is ‘guess who?’ Mercers, so vested interest 😆

Now same Sarah Drane moved from the Costa del Sol to Majorca, you’d be surprised to learn she cannot even sell her own home near Marbella, Ojen actually which she’s had on the market for years.

The headline for this topic is incorrect, they are simply not up 28.73% for Q1, they are down 21.5% and people can be fooled by this nonsense 🙄 😡 Take it with a pinch of salt 😉