Re: Re: House Sales Up 28.73% in Spain for Q1


@angie wrote:

Yes we see where the article comes from but it is misleading nonetheless, as explained here and on the topic that house sales in Spain are in fact down for the 1st quarter compared to the equivalent quarter in 2012.

The fact that it was agent led, and composed by Sarah Drane who is well known on the coast for PR/Marketing, used to be in cahoots with an agent selling plots at La Zagaleta etc, then with a company pushing motor racing days and other events for birthdays and corporates. Now, Ms Drane is oft talked about on House Price Crash and other forums, not trusted either, another so called Spanish property expert who got it wrong even with her own property, who later regretted her ‘decision to buy her home in Ojen’ and because it won’t sell ‘pretends it doesn’t exist’ and was fearful of ‘facing negative equity in 2011’

Not someone I would want nor trust to write an article on Spanish property and worse, on behalf of an agent 😯 🙄 😆

Like there is a nature law to compare it with 2012. In statistics you can compare everyting and its not misleading.