Re: Re: House Sales Up 28.73% in Spain for Q1



Marcos, the point is the headline although not of your making could be misleading to naive prospective buyers when comparing the year on year stats which shows sales were down in Q1 2013 by 21.5%. Many stats appear to compare Y on Y figures 🙄

Drane red herring you’re joking, you clearly don’t know her and doubt you knew she was a PR Marketing person who writes reports for agents in Spain etc, fact is she wrote the article and those that know her history would take such with a pinch of salt, she is paid to paint a rosy picture of things when they’re not, yet :mrgreen:

Seriously though, you know and like Spain, wish to live there, but how well do you know the CDS, are you considering visiting it soon as you recently suggested if only to gain more knowledge of the area? 🙄