Re: Re: House ownership rates in Europe


They the parasites, had fought wars for freedom of the younger generation their loved ones never returned from War’s, their houses were bombed, they had lost their homes. It also affected the next generation who could not attend university etc as they had to support themselves & their families at a very tender age. The parasites are the ones who are living in Royal Palaces.

The Govnment mislead into a false sense of security of a compfortabe retirement, health care etc. They contributed into the system. They were not given an option to take their own responsibity & save for their old age. To call them a parasite is extremely insensitive & ill informed.

These so called parasites will die & leave the residue of their assets, once the Goverment has extorted the Inheritence tax from the dead to their off springs. The same young ones you think are being deprived. Let us not forget that the parasites will not take it with them.

Finally, I suppose you will not get old !!!!!