Re: Re: Home staging photos – before and after



Personally I thought it looked better empty than a few draped sheets đŸ˜† I have always been able to look past the decorations etc. and concentrate on the potential. Location comes first. (essential when you see some of the strange stuff and ideas people have). I have also viewed some beautiful furnished places but for some reason not liked them, just a feeling.

I do agree though that presentation is important, not sure that a place full if IKEA would do it for me đŸ˜‰ đŸ˜† We have viewed places with unmade beds one with last nights curry leavings in the kitchen and another the guy was chopping raw liver in the kitchen, yuk. (we bought that one) We sold one in Spain and the buyer said they would offer the full asking price if we left the curtains in the lounge. They were just flimsy floaty things and cost about 300 and we were planning to leave them anyway đŸ˜†

RE. above photos, the first thing I would be doing if viewing was looking out of the windows to see what’s outside.