Re: Re: Home-staging – Anyway used this service?


You can’t beat home-staging and lots of people can’t seem to do it themselves, I’m sure many more homes anywhere whether in UK or Spain would sell quicker, or for better money if properly presented. One woman we know managed to sell her smaller than her neighbours’ homes in Murcia even though she didn’t have a pool as her neighbours did, but she sold for slightly more than they were on the market after taking advice on de-cluttering and sprucing up. To Scandinavians.

When we sell in the UK, we now try and present properly, so in our last 3 homes people have asked if pictures, lights, rugs even furniture etc could be included, they sometimes seem to look more at things we’ve got rather than the house itself. Also, two homes were sold to first and only viewers taken off the market almost immediately once offer was in. However, location and view is still very important 🙄