Re: Re: Home-staging – Anyway used this service?


katy, there’s plenty of painted render which soon deteriorates in Spain and elsewhere even in the UK as you know, apartment blocks have to be re-painted it seems every 4-6 years, however in the UK we’ve found a good thermal render called Weber which is sprayed on to wire mesh fixed to walls.

We chose this for our new UK house 2 years ago, I think it’s German or Belgian, so far it’s been brilliant, it’s available in different life-long shades, expensive, but a long guarantee saying the colour chosen is within the render for life. Only 2 years I know, but no sign of cracking (I believe it flexes) no sign of marks on it, and if so, for example bird poo, we’re told, power wash it off. I don’t work for them, but so far we are very pleased with it.

I can’t see apartment blocks using it as would be too expensive, but individual homes, yes, it looks good on ground floors with a hung tile top elevation. 😉