Re: Re: Home insurance in Spain



I wonder if anyone on this forum is able to advise me? I have a flat in Andalucia which I rent out. My insurance, which is with Intasure, includes Public Liability and I was under the impression that I was well covered. However last year a client tripped on the stairs in the Communal Area of the building (which obviously I neither own, nor manage). At the time she said that her accident was her own fault as she had mistakenly pressed a doorbell button in the hall instead of turning the lights on. Although there is emergency lighting it is obviously dimmer than the main light and, as she was running down the stairs in a rush she fell. 8 months later she decided to try and sue me for this using a “No Win, No Fee” law firm. When I referred this to Intasure – their stance was that my Public Liability did not cover me for this as it was outside of my property. Is it necessary to have Public Liability insurance for the communal areas of the building as well as for my own property? Intasure won’t comment or advise and certainly never mentioned this when I took out the insurance – although they were well aware at the time that the property was an apartment in a community block.
Another aspect is that the rental contract, which the clients agreed to at the time of the original booking, was not with me personally but with my Spanish limited company and clearly says that the agreement is subject to Spanish law and the jurisdiction of Spanish courts. However the “no win, no fee lawyer” seems intent on pursuing me personally in the UK and keeps asking for my insurance details. I’m really not sure where I stand. Thought I had done everything right! If anyone has any insights or advice, I’d be grateful to hear from them.