Re: Re: Home insurance in Spain



Hi Zenkarma

We’ve been paying 168 euros per year with Generali for a 3 bedroom flat. The cousin who sold us the insurance keeps on either going on holiday or away from the office for some reason. She lists the value as our mortgage but the reason I asked on here is because that isn’t normal. It’s supposed to be the value of the rebuild so therefore ours should be the size of the property: 70m x 600 or 700 euros.

I’ve heard lots of horror stories about going for cheap insurance and then not being covered for anything. A friend thought that she had contents cover but when sadly the place was broken into she found out that they weren’t covered for any contents!

I also know someone in town who works for Mapfre, and they are a trusted company. Another old school friend of my husband works at Axa there. I just want one of them to tell us a decent price and collect the money so that we are covered (as we aren’t at the moment which worries me…..).

I’ll have a look at Mapfre now. Thanks