Re: Re: Home insurance in Spain



@itsme wrote:

We obviously don’t want to pay too much in such tricky times but it’s again the case of no one in the family or friends group out there in Spain who seems to be talking along the same wavelength?


I have a 1 bed flat in Almeria and the current insurance, which is comprehensive contents cover and includes accident liability cover (eg if a plant pot fell off the balcony and hit someone on the head) costs about €250 a year from mapfre.

I don’t know whether it’s good or bad to be honest it’s just the policy that’s been on the flat since it was bought. I did try to get it changed the last time I was there but there hassle of trying to make myself understood to the insurance agents (who didn’t speak English) and my Spanish isn’t great, but improving, proved too much, so I just left it in the end.

I was trying to prune some of the cost off but couldn’t fully understand what cover I would have so left it in the end.

Not sure if this helps you at all, I think mapfre is a pretty large and widely distributed Spanish insurer.