Re: Re: Home insurance in Spain


Hi, yes I know about the community insurance. I was vice president of the community for a number of years and the whole building insurance costs over 2000 euros. Luckily we have a mobile phone aerial on the roof terrace which funds things like this as our community fees are only 20 euros per month.

The community insurance does cover the communal areas plus the lift, the roof terrace, the physical outside of the building etc.

We want to be able to protect ourselves if someone smashes the door down to steal the few things we have left (just furniture so wouldn’t be worth their while trying to get in). We also want to be protected just incase our water pipes leak and cause damage to our neighbours below etc. The water is switched off at the main, as is the electricity, but we just want to be protected ‘just incase’.

My bank friend said that no insurance covers earthquakes etc. and that it’s the consortium of insurance brokers which looks into cases such as that.

We obviously don’t want to pay too much in such tricky times but it’s again the case of no one in the family or friends group out there in Spain who seems to be talking along the same wavelength?

Thanks for your info.