Re: Re: Home insurance in Spain


Thanks Tenorio

I’ll have to have a think then, it’s a second floor flat in a block of 20 flats where all but five are up for sale as repos by banks. Local Spanish investors are buying them slowly when they get to really low prices.

What if all the neighbours don’t have insurance, if the block was destroyed would we have a block rebuilt with only say five flats because the others didn’t have insurance to rebuild? Or am I being too morbid about it and just go for a basic rebuild cost of say 60,000 euros and (hope 😉 it doesn’t get knocked to the ground?

It’s 70sq m of flat so i’m guessing it wouldn’t cost that much to rebuild but might if the economy picks up.

I’ve seen Linea Directa are doing 50% discounts online but to trust them??

I’ll check out the company you suggested. The bank friend still hasn’t given me a price yet either, typical, and the cousin will probably come back with a better price at the last minute as per usual. Best to shop around and trust them all a bit less I think!