Re: Re: Home insurance in Spain



Hi, according to my understanding of the facts demand must be led against the owners association, not against you, because the accident occurred in the common areas and not on your property. you have to prove by deeds of the house is not liable for these areas, but the owners association, which in Spain is a legal entity and therefore can sue for civil liability. Therefore, it has no basis to sue you, must do so to the owners association and in Spain, which is where you live.

Anyway, as the facts tell us not think he had successfully, if the stairs were in good condition and the lights worked fine, not the fault of the owners association.

Regarding insurance will not cover due to the same reason, because it is their home, could have included, since you are part of the owners association, but not required.

Another issue is the international competition of the courts, something more complex and in which I need not enter because there is no reason for you to sue you.

I hope I have been helpful.