Re: Re: Home energy costs rising in Spain


@angie wrote:

Friends of ours near Malaga are complaining how much their electricity costs them now, their most expensive bill, and air con. is needed from June onwards 🙄 As the husband is a lawyer he leaves his internet on all the time and for skype, does that use lots of juice? 🙄

Having a normal router on 24/7 probably costs you around 1-2 euros a month so it’s nothing to care much about.

Using a computer “not laptop” 24/7 with the screen on which no one does will probably cost you around 20-50 euros a month. Depending on parts used ofcourse.

As you see it’s not really where you make the big savings but it’s still a waste of energy to have them on if not using them.

It all comes down to the wattage the device pulls and for how many hours it’s on.