Re: Re: Help – Your thoughts on La Manga Club price drop?

Sun Seeker wrote:
Hi. Whilst I’ve been tracking this forum for some months now, this is my first posting! I’m hoping that all of you regulars can give me your valuable input.

For the past couple of years we have been considering purchasing a property in the Murcia region with a view to buying later this year. Initially, our thought process was to buy into a Polaris World type development which had a lot of appeal.

Congratulation on not buying in Polaris World. We stayed one week in December and it really was a junky place (18 km from a decent supermarket, 22 km from the beach,
surrounded by plantations with the corresponding invasion of flies, bad quality building falling apart after 6 months).

La Manga Strip seemed to be a region where everybody was selling. Hundreds of apartment buildings had tens of “Se Vende” signs each. I am not sure about higher class properties, but the average ones seemed to burden their owner pockets…