Re: Re: Hello, I’m new to this super Spanish Property Insight


@dartboy wrote:

wow there is some real bitches on this forum and they don’t seem to be female,i think this forum has taken a turn for the worst since the bubble burst with those who got burnt trying to warn others and those who benifit from people getting burned getting abit miffed that they can’t have a free ride off of there backs anymore.
I don’t like the way its going so for that reason i am off,i will check in from time to time to try and get a feel for the situation but leave my spanish property information to come from family and friends who live there.
Good luck to those who live there trying to earn a living and to those who live there in retirement enjoy you’ve earnt it.

sorry to see you go. Although I have to admit that I didn’t find anything on this particular thread offensive (maybe I’ve been desensitised). To be honest I’ve always found this forum a bit aggressive – but I think that’s partly due to there being very few posters. It’s a bit of a catch 22: you need people to keep posting to keep the forum going, but if it’s the same few people posting then they tend to dominate.

The other problem is that the debate has shifted from “where or what shall we buy” to “when shall we buy”. So instead of discussing the niceties of living in a particular area, we’re now trying to predict a market in the middle of an economic crisis, which ain’t so easy. Unfortunately people are getting burned, but I’m afraid that will always be the case: those without property got burned when the market boomed, and now those with property are getting burned while the market crashes.