Re: Re: Helen Prior presents her petition in Brussels



There are some aspects of life in Spain that are difficult to understand, not just for foreigners, but for Spanish people too. That’s why the country has the ‘Gestor’ system, whereby ordinary people can get help, cheaply, when dealing with authority; because the ordinary Spaniard cannot possibly understand laws that are so complicated and difficult and defy common sense.

Add the variance between autonomous regions into the mix, and it gets worse, and throughout the whole fiasco there’s stench of institutionalised corruption, you can smell it when you walk past any town hall.

The Prior case is diabolical, but there are tens of thousands more waiting in the wings. The old fools running the Junta fell out with the old fools running Vera, because of unrelated prejudices going back hundreds of years. The Junta ordered Vera to demolish ‘illegal’ houses, illegal under the Junta’s laws, often retrospective, and the idiots at Vera town hall complied, unfortunately picking on the Prior’s.

It’s a major case for concern and it’s finally being addressed at a higher level.

I’ve found that Spain, generally, doesn’t have a system for compensation, or simple refunds even; if one of the major companies make a mistake and you point it out to them, their system is such that they can’t pay you a refund even if they wanted to – the authorities are not geared up for admitting mistakes, and this attitude goes back for a historical while.

And being a foreigner makes it more difficult yet.