Re: Re: Heading for the exit



The Polish that I have come accross had/have a clear exit plan. They worked hard and at all times of the day & always with a smile occassionaly hit the Vodka on a sunday night when they got together.
Their plans were to making money to build there house, buy land etc once this has been acheived they leave or have left.
There are other reasons mainly when they came here the Zlty for nearly 8 to a £, at present it is around 4.50.

I know a Polish girl her profession can be called a lady of the night. She told me that she has bought a house for her mother & flat for her widowed sister & at present is onto buying one for herself once this is done & she will than return to Poland.

Besides, above with the impending European football & funds from EU to up lift the infrastructure they are in great demand in their own Country. We sholuld not forget that Poland is perhaps the only country whose economic growth has been positive though out the last four years.