Re: Re: Has the strength of the Spanish Market being Underestima



[quote=”peterhunThe Governments (all of them, not just Ireland) allow the banks to extract profit back from their customers as an alternative to tax payers paying. They WANT the banks to screw their customers, who else to pay for the mess than those who bought property through mortgages? Totally unfair on savers though, rates are crap but at least you can take your money out and put it somewhere else.[/quote]

So what are you trying to saying peterhun – just because you have a mortgage you have to pay for the mistakes of bankers. You obvioulsy are not aware of what Sean Fitzpatrick and his colleagues did at Anglo Irish Bank and what went on at Irish Nationwide – they used the bank for their own personal use and embezzled millions! Because of this – if you pay tax in this country you are paying for these mistakes through higher taxes and income levies – if you are a mortgage holder on a variable rate you are paying for these mistakes 3 interest rates hikes in one year – no other country in Europe has raised interest rates when wages are falling and unemployment rising.