Re: Re: Has anyone used “mifi” to access internet?



I am using MIFI in Spain because like you I do not want to pay for a full year.

One thing that you will need to do is to get your MIFI device unlocked as they are locked to the device provider. I used a website that were very helpful. From there it is straightforward. You will need to get the APN name for the sym provider to enter into the Mifi configuration. I use a sym from Yoigo. Make sure that you get an internet sym They tried to palm me off with a sym for email only. The other thing to do is to use the free wifi sites that can be found in cafes. I use a cafe when I have a large download such as software upgrades as the speed there is normally faster than Mifi. Mifi is good for email browsing etc

Another issue can be battery life about 4 hours keep an eye on the clock when using MFI. It takes a number of hours to recharge. On the whole I would not be without it