Re: Re: Hacienda Riquelme golf course and surroundings in declin



@sooty wrote:

Luci & Cris who are the hrgr assoc’, amongst other names they use…they are a very selfish couple who’s intention is to try & get rid of our committee and then take l control of HR, for their own personal gains, they are ruining the reputation of this Great Golf Resort by telling lie after lie, they should be banned from the Resort, never mind the forums you post your poison on.

do us all a favour and go to hell ! 😈

sooty, sorry but comments like this dont show HR or its residents in the best light either, please provide evidence of your accusations, i wonder if in fact as we have not had any response from the HRGR assn that this poster sooty may be them,
trying to make HR look like village of the dammed. just does not make sense to come on as new poster and throw insults like this. 😕