Re: Re: Hacienda Riquelme golf course and surroundings in declin


Reading this thread I’m reminded how ex-pat communities in Spain spend their entire time fighting each other. It only happens in Spain. Elsewhere people tend to accept the rule of law and the status of elected officials. They may grumble a bit and occasionally protest when they don’t like decisions but infighting is left usually to the politicians.

That is the way of course expat communities are set up. It’s no accident. The Spanish were shrewd enough decades ago to realise they would never be able to satisfy the demands of foreigners for service standards.

Devolved local government in the hands of the property owners sounds an idyllic solution. Except they almost always end up fighting like ferrets in a sack. Some elected owners are hopeless managers the owners don’t pay their dues and services end up declining anyway.

I was amused to read this so called association at this resort Hacienda Riquelme is by invitation only. 😀 It sounds a bit Masonic to me. Do you initiate members by blind folding them and rolling up their trousers and making them swear an oath?

Of course these are the important issues Spanish property buyers never consider and are never truthfully explain by sellers. I have seen some vicious disputes in these communities which have the potential of tearing peoples lives apart.

My best advice to you all is pack it in, get a life and try to cooperate with each other. This kind of forum board slanging match serves nobody’s interests.