Re: Re: Hacienda Riquelme golf course and surroundings in declin


mike, you asked for help to see sense which is why iI posted the registration process to the secure owners forum which does show that you need to register with your first and last name as your user name.

the HR Blog at to me has perfect Spanish and English and were the ones that posted this subject matter first not the HR Association which has no Spanish at all. Then it was Mark that cut and pasted it here.

the Tomillo 5, a sub community at the resort also has its own page at which also looks not to be linked to the HR Blog.

that is more than 2 owners in one apartment and is without including any comments from the polaris forum at

then there are as i understand the 2 presidents that are behind the workers compound action which so i have heard were told that it would be closed once the resort was completed. They continued to let the compound open so to ensure the town centre was built and this is now how the other owners and committee reward them.


PS: i am also on the owners forum but there is no way i am going to identity the wife and i.